Enable/Disable WiFi calling in Redmi phones

Ever heard of Wi-Fi calling? Yes, we can call over wifi without having any validity or recharge plan on our phone/SIM. So, How do we enable WiFi calling on Redmi Phones?

Wifi calling has become very important for those who use Wifi or broadband in their homes or offices. Today I am going to share some simple tricks. With these tricks, you will be able to enable/disable WiFi calling on Redmi phones. This guide is for Redmi users only. Browse through our site for more guides.


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Everyone these days use smartphones and Redmi has become the most used smartphone in India. From most Redmi users I am getting one question, how to enable the Wi-FI calling feature? There is nothing so hard about this, everything is easy to perform just you have to follow some rules that I will describe.

If you are facing any call drops or low-quality calling issues in your Redmi smartphones, you can easily fix this issue by following the rules I will give in this article.

First of all, we should know what is Wi-Fi calling.

Wifi calling means voice over WiFi. You can talk overcall with other people, and communicate by using Wifi Calling. This is a path networking that helps people to communicate with each other over a Wifi network using their existing phone number.

Why do we use WiFi Calling?

If you have a low carrier network in your place and you have WiFi in your home you can easily talk with your friends and family without any difficulty.

  • It gives HD-quality voice calls from Wifi
  • No charges are cut from your phone if you use WiFi calling.

So let’s start the steps of how you can enable WiFi calling in Redmi Note 7 pro.

How to Enable WiFi Calling in Redmi Note 7 Pro

Here are some simple steps to enable wifi calling in Redmi Note 7

First, you have to connect your phone to the WiFi

Then Go to settings

Here you get an option for SIM cards and Mobile networks click there.

enable WiFi calling in Redmi note

Steps to enable WiFi calling in Redmi Note 7 Pro

go to your sim

Select your SIM and click it.

turn on wifi calling

Enable wifi calling in Redmi Note 7 pro.

Click on Calls Using WiFI.

Then select prefer WiFi option in the network preference.

Enable making calls using the WiFi button

Disable WiFi calling in Redmi

Go to settings

Click on SIM Cards and Mobile Networks

Select your SIM

Turn off WiFi calling and disable it.

Enable and disable WiFi calling in Redmi Note 8

Well, most of the Redmi phones come with the same settings. So, Enabling or disabling Wifi calling in Redmi Note 8 is pretty much the same as the Redmi Note 7

To Enable WiFi calling in Redmi Note 8

First, start your WiFi

Open settings

Click on SIM cards and Mobile Networks

Click on Your SIM

Enable Make calls using WiFi

To Disable WiFi calling in Redmi Note 8

Go to setting

Click on SIM Cards and Mobile Networks

Choose Your SIM

Disable Make Calls using WiFi

How to Turn On/Off WiFi calling on Xiaomi Phones

If you are a user of other Xiaomi phones and don’t know where the settings are for WiFi calling, you may find these guides helpful. To Enable Wifi calling on Xiaomi phones, follow the below steps-

Enable Wi-Fi calling on Xiaomi Phones

First, check whether your phone is updated or not. If not then update it.

Then connect your phone to WiFi and ensure VoLTE is enabled.

Go to settings

Click on SIM Cards and Mobile Networks

Now click on the SIM you want to enable WiFi calling

Scroll it to the end

First, check it well whether the USE VoLTE is ON or not.

Then you will find an option called Make Calls using WiFI

And then enable it

For disabling WiFi calling on Xiaomi Phones

You can keep your Wifi ON if you want.

Go to settings

Click on SIM cards And Mobile Network

Click on the SIM you have enabled WiFi calling options

Scroll it down

Then click on disable calls using WiFI, it will be disabled

Which Network Supports WiFi Calling in India?

Network Support WiFi calling in India

Now, only Airtel and Jio are supporting WiFi calling features in India.

How to make Wi-Fi calls?

Once you have set up a WiFi calling system all you need to do is call, and you can call like you always used to do.

Your phone will automatically toggle between WiFI and cellular data which will give you the best experience call.

How much does WiFi calling cost?

Zero rupees. Yes, it won’t cost a penny. You will be charged nothing if you call WiFI to any person. All you need to pay is for WiFi and nothing extra will be charged.

Last words: In this article, you have checked how you can enable and disable the WiFi calling option on Redmi Phones. I was getting too many questions from the village people because the network over there is very bad. So they need to communicate with friends and family, now they can easily talk overcall without facing any difficulties.

I think this article will surely help you to find a way how you can enable and disable WiFi calls. You will find the best experience call by using WiFi calling. Share it with your friends so that they can also enable their WiFi calling system and enjoy this feature as well!

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