How to Connect Philips dsp475u Soundbar to TV

How to connect the Philips soundbar to a TV is a question that every buyer asks. This is because it actually gets complicated when your attempt to connect Philips DSP475u to any TV. This soundbar doesn’t feature an HDMI connection. However, it is not impossible to connect a Philips home theater to tv. So, Check these guides and connect Philips dsp475u soundbar to TV easily.

Before we head to figure out what to do with the Philips DSP475u soundbar to connect to a TV, maybe you need to know about the famous and delicate-looking soundbar first.

So, how about a short review on what features do we have on Philips dsp475u soundbar home theater.

Philips DSP475u Soundbar:

Philips DSP475u Soundbar:

Philipss’ this home theater called DSP475u is a sound system with great sound quality. The 18W subwoofer is capable of beating bass with the music but there is no bass control that comes with this sound system.

The Soundbar itself holds 2 different speaker on the sides that gives 22w of sound output with surround sound and clear experience.

Also, the whole system looks very cool when it comes to look and design. The woofer has a glass finish on the top and the whole body is mate black.

There is one thing to ignore this sound system which is it doesn’t have an HDMI port. This drop back is causing many people to get confused while connecting Philips DSP475u with their modern TV.

So, let’s know how to connect the Philips DSP475u soundbar to a TV using multiple connectivity features.

How to Connect Philips Home Theater to TV

How to Connect Philips Home Theater to TV

There are multiple options for connecting Philips DSP475u soundbar to a TV other than HDMI. Even if there is no HDMI support, we can still make it work with the options it has.

Philips DSP475u actually has some ways to connect except HDMI. First of all, we have the AV cable. With this Audio/Video cable, you can easily connect to any TV.

Connect Philips DSP475u Soundbar with AV Cable

Connect soundbar AV Cable

Philips DSP475u already has an AV cable inside. Look for a White and Red cable like shown in the picture. This cable will go to the White and Red caught on your TV and Soundbar too. And yes, every TV has A/V in the back. (Look in the manual for your TV guide).

Step 1: Take your Audio Video cable out.

Step 2: One side will go to the White/red cable on your Philips soundbar and the other side will go to the backside of your TV.

Just locate the A/V connectors and insert them carefully. This way you can connect your Philips DSP475u Soundbar to any TV you want.

Connect a TV with Philips DSP475u soundbar with Audio Cable directly

Audio cable one of the ways to work with soundbar without HDMI

This is a really old way of transmitting sound to any speaker device. Audio In cable which is still available can be a good way for connecting this soundbar to any MP3 device.

To connect your TV with the Philips DSP475u soundbar. Get this wire shown in the picture below. Now take one side of the wire and connect to the audio in connector on the soundbar. And do the same with the TV also.

With AUX cable

connect soundbar to tv With AUX cable

We can also use the AUX cable for direct sound transmission. AUX cable can be used on both mobile and TV devices.

But you may find it tricky while using AUX cable for connecting Philips DSP475u to a TV because there is no AUX cable connector on the soundbar itself.

Actually, Philips DSP475u comes with a Bluetooth device for Bluetooth connection. This USB Bluetooth device can also be used as an AUX connector. As the Bluetooth USB has a hole for connecting the AUX cable, you should be able to use insert the AUX just like that.

Final Words: These are the 3 ways to connect Philips DSP475U soundbar to TV. You have a smart TV or an old TV, you can still connect your soundbar to it. For the old TVs use the AV cable. Or if you have a smart TV, you can use the AUX or you can also get HDMI to use the connector from here. With this, you will be able to AUX using HDMI wire.

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