How to Clean a Plastic Bucket| 3 Easy Tricks for Cleaning

We can easily clean Plastic buckets and Mugs at home with commonly used materials. We can use binding agents as Soda, Lemon, Vinegar, etc to make soap solution to clean water strains in plastic buckets. Today we are here with a detailed guide on how to clean a plastic bucket easily at home.

Withing the guide we will learn what cause can be that makes our plastic bucket dirty and how to clean a plastic bucket easily in different homemade ways.

Also, we will learn about water strains in plastic buckets and how to get rid of them.


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How to Clean Plastic Bucket at Home

A plastic Bucket is one of the most commonly used household items. In our everyday life, we use different kinds of plastic-made equipment like buckets, mugs, Patra, tables, etc. And these plastic-made things often get dirty.

We can easily get rid of these dirt or water strains from any plastic buckets and it is very easy and fun to do. Why do the plastic buckets get dirty? This is the first question to which answer we need to know.

In our daily life, we use water in these buckets. We all know water has many impurities such s dirt, iron, etc. These impurities are what we see on the surfaces of plastic buckets and it is almost fun to remove.

These dirt marks mostly can be water strains. Now let’s learn how to remove water stains from a plastic bucket.

How to remove Water Strains from a Plastic Bucket

How to Clean Plastic Bucket at Home

Water stains can be removed from a plastic bucket in many ways.

The best and affordable trick to do is to use Caustic Soda. It is the normal soda that can be found in any local store.

Buy some caustic soda from a local store and follow these easy guides to clean a plastic bucket at home-

Step 1: Bring Caustic Soda and pour one cup into the plastic bucket that has water strains in it.

Step 2: Take one cup of hot water and mix it with the soda in the bucket.

Step 3: Rest for 5 minutes.

Step 4: Now take a scrubber and scrub. (watching all those dirty strains getting removed is very satisfying).

Step 5: Wash off all the soda and water.

Now, your bucket is as good as new. Now, you know the easiest trick for how to clean a plastic bucket at home. Share with your friends to let them know too.

3 easiest ways to Clean Plastic Bucket Water Strains

As we have already mentioned that plastic buckets can be cleaned with many household items. With some simple things mentioned below, you can easily clean any water stains on plastic buckets in no time.

1. Remove Bucket Strains with Baking Soda and Vinegar:

3 easiest ways to Clean Plastic Bucket Water Strains

Baking soda and vinegar can be found at the stores easily. To clean a plastic bucket with baking Soda, take some soda and an equal amount of vinegar in a cup and mix them well.

Now, take the mixture in a scrubber and scrub the plastic bucket well. Wash the remainings as the water strain goes away.

2. How to clean Plastic Bucket with Acid?

How to clean Plastic Bucket with Acid?

Yes, we can clean plastic bucket water strains. All we are going to need normal acid that can be found in any local store. You can look for battery acid too.

Cleaning a plastic bucket with acid is a fun thing to do. Just spray or pour some acid in your bucket and you will see bubbles occurring in the dirty areas. After some time clean it off with clean water.

3. Best way to clean with Lemon

Best way to clean with Lemon

Lemon is a good source for cleaning any water strain in the plastic bucket, shower, basin, etc. Lemon does have acetic acid and it can be used to clean plastic buckets at home.

Just take a cut of lemon and squeeze the juice in the surface of where you have dirt or water strain. If it is a bucket and make sure the lemon juice should spread the whole area.

Some lemon juice and some detergent are enough to quickly wash off those water strains from the bucket. After keeping the lemon juice for 30 minutes, you will see specks of dirt are loosening. Now, it is time to wash off with detergent.

The dirty water strains will go away in no time.

Final Word:

Plastic bucket cleaning is a simple thing if you know the trick. Check all these easy tricks on how to clean a plastic bucket easily. I hope you liked the guide.

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