How to Clean a Chimney| Best Tips and Tricks

If you are here to get some Chimney Cleaning Tips and tricks then today in this post, you will learn how to clean a chimney easily with some ingredients which are available at home.

A chimney is a very essential thing for Kitchen. Every Mom gives much attention to keeping the chimney clean because they know that a Chimney does an important role to keep your house clean. So, don’t you want to keep your chimney clean?

Cleaning Chimney is not so hard. Letting you all know that, we can only clean the filters of a Chimney and the outside parts. Cleaning a Chimney from inside is not possible and it is only necessary to clean the filters only. In this guide, we will also provide an amazing homemade solution to clean the oil mark and dirt on the outside of the chimney.


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What is a Chimney Filter

A chimney filter is the two rail-like steel plates attached to the front of your Chimney. These two steep windows are for capturing oil, dirt, and other semi-hard materials and pass the gas and smoke through the chimney pipe.

So, the only thing to do to keep your Chimney Safe and long-lasting is to keep cleaning the chimney filters every once in a while.

In this post, we will give you the best tricks and guide on how to open chimney filters, how to clean them with homemade solutions easily, and how to keep them clean.

So, let’s start without any delay.

How to Open a Chimney Filters

Well, a chimney is already designed in such a way so that we can easily open the filters and clean it properly. All the oils, semi-hard cooking materials, greasy stuff sticks on the filter letting only the smoke and gases pass through the filter.

To open a Chimney filter for cleaning-

How to Open a Chimney Filters

First Unlock the filters by rotating the round lock switch right above the Chimney filters. Your Chimney should have 2 filters and 2 switches right above each of the filters (watch picture for better understanding).

After rotating the two switches, gently hold the filters(you can do one at a time if not confident enough) with your first and second fingers and press on the outer body of the Chimney while sliding the filter slowly with your other fingers.

The filter should come right off the chimney and you can do the same with the other one.

How to Clean A Chimney at Home

To clean a chimney, we are going to need Costic Soda, Gloves, Boiling Hot Water and a big still bucket. A hard plastic bucket will also do the job as long as it doesn’t melt with the boiling water.

Well then, first take both the filters off from the chimney then keep them in the bucket.

Wear the gloves then take some caustic soda on your hand.

Wear the gloves then take some caustic soda on your hand.

Spread the soda on the filter. Sprinkle them well in every corner.

Do not touch the soda with your bare hand.

Now, pour the boiling water into the filter. Water should be enough to cover the filters well.

add boiling hot water on the filters

Rest it for 2 hours.

It should simply remove all the oil marks and greasy stuff.

Now take some washing gell on a soft scrubber and scrub the filters well.

Remove the filters to clean chimney

This should clean your Chimney filters very well that they will start to shine.

Alternative way-

You can use this alternative way to clean filters. The trick is all the same but instead of using caustic soda, you can buy a Drain Cleaner from local stores. You can also get it online. It is the same as caustic soda but more affecting and fast working as it is factory-made.

Simply take any brand of drain cleaning powder and use it instead of caustic soda and do the rest mentioned above.

Now, let’s know about the legendary homemade solution to clean the outside of the Chimney.

How to clean outside of the chimney

A chimney should be shiny and clean from the outside. It is what makes your kitchen look good. To remove all the grease and watermark from the chimney, we are going to use-

How to clean outside of the chimney

Baking Soda,

Lemon juice

A small amount of water and

Washing Gell or Detergent Powder.

First, take 2 spoons of baking soda into a bowl.

Then Squeeze 1-2 spoons of lemon juice into it.

Now take another 2-3 spoon water. Hot water is better.

Again take 1 spoon of Washing gel and mix them well.

The solution is ready.

Now simply take a soft scrubber and wash the outside of the chimney well with the solution. This should take all the oil marks and dirt from the chimney and it will shine like a new one.

Final Words: A chimney is made of stainless steel. It will shine like new once it is cleaned well. Learn how to clean a Chimney with our homemade solution and keep your chimney clean like a new one.

I hope this post will help you with the best tips to clean a chimney. Please share with your friends too.

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