How to Check WIFI Hardware in a Laptop| Windows, and iOS

Wi-Fi is a crucial thing in 2021. Without a Wi-Fi connection, our laptop is like nothing. If you also have a laptop and you want to know if there is a Wi-Fi card or WIFI hardware in your Laptop then you are just in the right place. I am going to guide you on how to check WIFI hardware on Laptop.

Most of the laptops made in between 5 years from now have a WIFI card or wireless device inside. If you have that device built in your laptop then you are always good to go with using Wi-Fi. But if you do not have that, there is no way you can make it work for Wi-Fi.

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So, let’s know if your laptop has a Wi-Fi card or not.

How to Check Wi-Fi Hardware in a Laptop

Checking if there is Wi-Fi hardware in your laptop or not is a pretty tricky task. To locate the Wi-Fi card or hardware itself, you will need to open your laptop and check it inside.

As it is Wi-Fi hardware, it must be in the screen panel or somewhere near the battery.

How to Check Wifi Hardware in a Laptop

How Check Wi-Fi Hardware in Windows 7

To check if there is a WIFI card or WIFI hardware or not, take your Windows 7 laptop and a set of screwdrivers, then follow these steps

Open your Laptop by opening some screw and sliding it carefully(Read the manual or get help from an expert).

Now, near the battery of your laptop, try to locate a square board with white tap and wire connections. You want to look for wireless,” “802.11,” or “WIFI written on the square board. You can also see a wifi chip or WIFI card image below.

Locate wifi chip in Windows 7 laptop near the battery

Now you know how to check WIFI hardware in Windows 7 or on other laptops. Most of the laptop has the same WiFi card in the same place. If it is not then you can always look for it around.

Many people want to see their Laptop WIFI connection. Some others try to fix or change their card. In such a case, locate your WIFI hardware by following these steps.

Alternative way:

A windows 7 laptop is not for many things. These old laptops are basically for home works. But as a laptop, you may already have the WiFi card inside. To check your WIFI availability on Windows 7 laptop, do these things-

Get your laptop and turn it on.

Go in the settings.

Click on Network and Internet.

Now in this tab, check if you have only the Ethernet option or there is a WIFI tab in it.

If you already have the WIFI tab then you are good to go with the WIFI connection and if you do not have one, you can always get your Best USB WIFI Adapters to use WIFI on your old laptops.

How to Find Wi-Fi Stats in Windows 8 or 10

You can use the same method mentioned above to open your laptop and look for the Wi-Fi card. However, if you do not want to do it then there is another way to find Wi-Fi hardware in the settings

First of all, open your Windows 8 or 10 laptop.

Now go to “Control panel” and then “hardware and sounds”. There you can see Device manager on the first row. Click on it.

Check Wifi Card in Windows 8 or 10 from settings

Now in this tab, check for network and click on it. A bunch of new menus will appear with a bunch of drivers. All these drivers are network connections. Look for Realtek or Wireless Wi-Fi driver.

 Look for Realtek or Wireless Wifi driver

So, this is the driver for your Wi-Fi hardware. If this driver exists on your laptop then you are good with using Wi-Fi on it. If your laptop doesn’t have this driver, then you can always get a mini USB Wi-Fi driver. Check how to use a USB Wi-Fi adapter.

How to Check Wi-Fi Hardware in iOS Laptops

There is only one way you can use to check Wi-Fi hardware in an iOS laptop securely. These apple laptops are very expensive and they never allow their customers to know what kind of tech inside their product. So, opening them is not an option.

What we can do is get the exact model number of our Mac and search it on the source. Apple has all the information for its product. You can easily check the Wi-Fi hardware stats there. To get your Mac model number-

Take your Mac.

Turn it upside down.

How to Check Wifi Hardware in iOS Laptops

Check the white sticker or on the battery.

Conclusion: Many times we face issues with the Wi-Fi in our laptops. Sometimes it just stops working. In such cases, you might want to check the Wi-Fi card or the Wi-Fi hardware built in your laptop. Follow this simple guide to check Wi-Fi hardware in a Windows laptop or Mac book.

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