How to Check Bike Insurance Expiry Date Online

How to Check Bike Insurance Expiry date Online? Well, it can be checked from a couple of sources. But if you want to check your bike insurance expiry date online from home then this post is for you. I will explain how you can check any vehicle expiry date with your mobile or laptop.

Keeping a vehicle is not like keeping furniture in the house. If you have bought a bike then you should know that riding a bike also includes following many rules. One of them is to keep insurance for the bike and renew it on time.

According to the Indian Government, there are many important rules that every biker should follow and this includes multiple verified documents. So, to renew your bike insurance, you need to know about the expiry date of your bike insurance.

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Full Guide to Check and Renew Bike Insurance on Time

It requires a lot of effort and money to buy a dream bike. Whether it is a high-value bike or not, the RC, Driving License, and valid insurance are required for every bike to ride on the road.

Bike Insurance can be bought online or offline. If you want to know then Check How to Buy Bike Insurance Online.

How to Check Bike Insurance Expiry Date online

So, there are 3 ways to easily check your Bike Insurance Expiry Date online. Which are-

Via VAHAN Website

From Insurance Information Bureau

From your Insurance Provider Service Number

Via VAHAN Website

Vahan is a website that keeps all the information about Vehicle Insurance. This website is built for the road and transport Ministry. So, all there is to visit this website and locate the function to get the insurance information details of your Bike.

Follow these steps to get insurance details from Vahan-

Visit Vahan E_service Website.

Go to the menu tab, click on ‘Know Your Details’.

On the next page, enter your vehicle number and the verification code.

Click on ‘Search Vehicle’.

After this, the provided information should contain all the details along with your Insurance Policy details of the Bike. Then You can see the expiry date under the ‘Insurance Upto’ column.

Go to Your Insurer.

Every record of your insurance policies is kept safe by your insurance provider. They also keep their details on their official website. Ask your insurer about the website and also know the procedure to access it.

They will also tell you the information to view your insurance policy details. It can be different for the different insurance providers. But according to my experience, most websites ask your vehicle registration to view the insurance expiry date.

These days police often ask for Insurance policy documents. A policy document contains all the details of the policy, including the validity. However, you do not have to carry your policy documents because we can check online for all the details in minutes and get them on our phone by downloading. There is also some application that can access all your documents in seconds.

Check The Expiry Date Via Insurance Information Bureau

Check The Expiry Date Via Insurance Information Bureau

Insurance Information Bureau IIB is a government website that holds all the information about information. It is operated for the public so that they can access their policy details from home. To know Bike Insurance Expiry date online from home, follow these steps-

Visit IIB’s official website from the given link.

Check insurance expiry from IIB portal

On the Homepage, find quick links and try to find VSeva in there. Click on V Seva to enter in the tab.

A form will appear, but all the information is required in the form.
Also, complete the captcha and submit it.

You can also follow these two simple steps to view the insurance details on the Insurance Information Bureau:

Visit the IIB portal.

Fill out a query form. An executive will call you on the registered number and assist you with finding and checking the Bike Insurance Expiry Date.

The page will show your policy details, where you can spot the expiry date. Note that the website has information on insurance policies bought after April 1, 2020.

Any policy purchased before that date is not recorded on the website. You can view the details up to three times using the same mobile number and mail ID.

Conclusion: Bike Insurance Expiry Date can be checked with the various process. If you do not want to go out and know all about your insurance and expiry date then try one of these three methods to check Bike Insurance Expiry Date online.

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