How to Buy Coca Cola Shares in India

Buying Coca-Cola shares in India is not so tough after all. People these days involving in the trade market with the help of various trading platforms. We know about 5Paisa, Grow, Zerodha, and many more trading apps which are very easy to use for buying and selling Indian shares from NSE and BSE. But How to Buy Coca Cola Shares in India?

So, today you are here which means you are interested in the share market and you want to buy stocks from the global market. As we have already mentioned Coca Cola is an American brand and to buy these global stocks like Coca-Cola, Google, Facebook, etc, we need a global trading platform.

Not all of us are big-brain businessmen and have connections with global traders. So, to get help from easy to available helping hands, today we are going to learn about 3 such global trading platforms to buy Coca-Cola shares in India.

These traders not just only give you free access to creating an account but also has many benefits such as referral, bonus money, free stock views, free support, analyst, and much more.

So, let’s get started with our Top 3 Global Trading Platform where we can buy or sell Coca-Cola shares or any other stocks like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, etc.

At the end of this article, we will also share some valuable information on Global Stocks and Choosing the right global Broker for yourself, stay tuned.


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Top 3 Ways to Buy Coca Cola Shares in India


Globalise. co


IND Money(Extra)

These are the three global trading platforms and everyone can buy and sell global stock like Coca-Cola from these platforms. In the below section, we will explain which platform is good for what and their specialty.

You can choose any of them and get ahead for your first-time global investments.

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1. Groww

Ways to Buy Coca Cola Shares in India

Groww is a very famous broker service in India. Grow offers you many facilities and services along with a free trading platform.

It comes with a free to create an account and 10-20 rupees of buying and selling charge from the platform.

All you need to do is go to Groww. in and create an account by giving your email ID and phone number. After verifying your contact details, they will ask you for your name, address, and ID proof. You are gonna need to provide a PAN number in order to create your account and activate it.

In the process, you can also provide Bank Details or skip it for later. You can also view all the international stocks or your favorite Coca-Cola share price from the US Stock section.

Globalise. CO

Buy coca cola shares in India with Globalise

Globalise is also a broker for trading internationally. It has the facility to convert Rupees to US dollars. Which will let you deposit in any stock you want from India.

Just like most brokers’ online platforms, you can also create a free account from Globalise too. Getting into the stock market from Globalise is very easy. After creating your free account, deposit some money in your account. It will transfer from rupees to dollars.

After that, you can buy and sell any stock you want from the global market. For more queries about Globalise. co, you can email us and get your free 1 and 1 session or you can also contact Globalise customer support to ask any question. They are very responsive.

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3. BrainyTrading

coca cola shares at best price

BrainyTrading is not an Indian Platform. However, it accepts Indian clients to invest from their platform. Their easy-to-understand UI and responsive site are also one of the reasons I included BrainyTrading in this list of how to buy coca-cola shares in India.

Coca-Cola shares or any other international share. All are available in BrainyTrading. Just like giving your personal details and ID proof, you can create a free account in BrainyTrading.

You can check and monitor Coca Cola SHare price in India from BrainyTrading and buy with your deposited money.

This is how simple to buy Coca-Cola Shares in India.

4. IND Money-Buy Coca-Cola shares in India

IND money for buying international stocks from india

This one is a special one. From this platform, you will not only gain control over International stocks but also gain a super facility of easy converting rupees to dollar service. US stock is a platform, also available in Apps claims that traders can get even more dollars from their rupees because of their highly efficient converting machine. Isn’t that cool?

Also, the US stocks trading platform is specially made for Indians. It is very easy to use and buy or sell also.

Simply visit this link and provide your phone number and create your free account. You will also get the play store link to download their android app. IND Money is also available on the App store.

So, log into your account, and a bunch of features will be introduced to you such as a demo account, buy sell guide, etc.

You can skip all of these features and get to the stock section to check your favorite Coca-Cola shares.

Visit IND money-

What is Global Broker or Stock Market

If you know about the NSE and BSE which stands for National Stock Market and Bombay Stock Market are the two only share markets in India. But these two are only for exchanging stock nationally.

If we want to buy stocks like Coca Cola then we need to go International Stock Market. This is where we need Global Brokers or Stock Market. Not so easy to access but with these brokers listed on this post, you can easily deal with any stock you want or buy Coca-Cola Share Internationally from India.

Which is the Best Platform to Buy US Stocks Like Coca-Cola?

All the trading platform in this list is well developed and highly appreciated by the customers. However, IND Money and Groww, two are the best performing broker platform on the Internet Today.

Also, both IND Money and Groww are made in India. If you want a secure platform to buy Coca-Cola Shares in India then these two platforms are the best ones you can find.

Final Words: Coca-Cola shares are now in a good shape. Traders need to act quickly if they want to gain some profit buying Coca-Cola Shares. If you are from India and want to get Coca-Cola shares in India then this guide on How to buy Coca-Cola Shares in India can literally help you with your knowledge.

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