How to Download MX Player Videos on SD Card

MX player is one of the popular online entertainment platforms in India. Many of us love MX players because we can watch movies and TV series for free. However, there is one little problem which is we do not know how to download MX Player Videoes on SD Card. Today in this article, we are going to explain a valid way to download MX Player videos to SD Card, and then you can watch them offline or share it with anyone you wish.

People these days are more concerned with Web series than those Over Dramatic Hindi TV shows. Over the years, Netflix, PrimeVideo, Hotstar, etc has gone very popular due to their amazing entertainment services but these platforms are paid.

On the other hand, MX player is 90% free to use any content on it. We only need the Pro version which comes at 199 rupees per year. With MX Player Gold, we can watch every web series and movie without ads. We can also excess MX Gold videos for free.

Even after getting an MX Player Gold, we cannot download MX player videos on SD Card. So, how do we exactly save MX player Videos on an SD card or to our phone storage?

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How to Download MX Player Videos on SD Card

If you are here to know how to download and save MX player videos in SD Card then your search finishes here. I am going to share a legal trick. This MX player video downloading trick is totally safe and free to use.

I am going to tell you how easily can get your MX Player, watch a video, download it, and then you can save the video to your SD card or any local storage. So let’s get into the topic.

Follow these steps to Download and Save MX Player Videos on SD Card-

First of all Download and Open MX Player. Link Here.

go to videos in mx player

Now from the home page, select the video icon from the bottom.

Choose any Web series or Movie which is available to download or available to watch offline.

How to Download MX Player Videos in SD Card

After that click on Download to start downloading your favorite movie or series.

How to Save MX player Videos to SD Card

After downloading your favorite web series, you have to do a trick to convert it into an mp4 file.

Now to save the video to your SD Card, you have to follow these steps carefully.

How to Save MX player Videos to SD Card

First, open your Internal Storage and then go to Android>Data> .

From here, enter the folder named Files.

Then Enter NoMedia folder and then Click on Online Download.

Here is your movie or web series is saved with a name of a random digit number.

rename the downloaded file

Now all we have to do is click and hold the file with random digits and rename it with .mp4

Simply select the file click on the 3 dot and select rename option. Now on the box, add a (.mp4) at the end of all the numbers. (Example: filename before:123456788, file name after 123456788.mp4)

You are all done. You have successfully downloaded MX player videos in SD Card and saved them permanently.

You can now copy and paste the video file of your favorite Web series to any storage location you want. You can also share it with your friends.


Can We download Mx Player Videos in our Phone’s SD Card?

Yes, we can easily download MX Player Videos in our SD Card with the help of this method in this article.

How much time it takes to download MX player videos?

Well, it depends on how big the file is.

How can we download the MX player Video on PC?

Well, if you download MX Player videos on your PC, then all you need to do is open this post on your PC, and follow the full guide on your Chrome Browser.

What is MX Player?

MX Player is a video player application for mobile phones. You can also enjoy its vast storage of movies and TV series for free. It also has a paid subscription plan.

Final Words: MX Player is not an expensive platform to use for our daily entertainment. It has a lot of amazing Bengali Movies, series, Hollywood, and Bollywood movie collections, and a lot more. With the right choice, we can enjoy a cool time.

Also, today in this post I have shared how to download and save MX player videos in SD cards. Use it for ease and fun for entertainment. Good Luck!

I hope you all liked this post. Share if you like.

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