100% Free Download Latest Hindi movies in 2024

Looking for the latest working websites and apps to download the latest Hindi movies? Well, this question is one of the most asked on Google. Well, if you are here that means you want some free movies today. In this guide, we will give you valid information about how to download the latest Hindi movies for free in 2024.

If you belong to an average family then it will be hard for you to watch every movie by paying on the theaters or OTT platforms. Well then sit tight because we are going to reveal some genuine websites and apps to watch the latest Hindi movies for free.

When you’re bored, watching some of the finest Bollywood movies is a great way to relax. For Indians and people from other nations, Bollywood movies are one of the finest sources of entertainment. So, let’s get into our free Hindi movie downloading tips for you.

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How to Download Latest Hindi Movies for free

How to Download Latest Hindi Movies

To get every Hindi movie for free, we are going to recommend some methods. By using these methods, you can either download the latest Hindi Movies or Watch them online. You can also find the latest Movies link from Movierulz latest URL.

Download Hindi Movie Websites

Movie Downloading websites are real and you can get any movies for free. But finding these movie piracy websites is hard. These websites earn through their ads and many many such fake websites don’t provide any movies and you end up watching their ads only.

So we have searched and got the best and most real movie download sites for you. These movies, however, are not available at any time or site, thus we’ve compiled a list of the finest sites to download Bollywood movies for free.

Download Hindi Movies from Websites

1) Mp4 Mobile Movies for free

This website is quite famous among people who want to download Bollywood movies in various resolutions. You may easily download any movie from the provided list. You do not need to download any software or tools to download. Users may get Bollywood movies for free from the Mp4 Mobile Movies website. Apart from Bollywood films, this website also hosts a variety of famous English television series.

Just search Moviesflix, SSRMovies, or Moviesverse on Google and you should find the latest links on the first page. Do not forget to bookmark the URL for later use. Also, join their Telegram channel for new updates and content.

2) Worldfree4u

One of the most well-known sources of free Bollywood movies is Worldfree4u. This website allows visitors to download or view all of the latest Indian Bollywood films online. The homepage has a lot of categories and entries.

So you’ll almost certainly locate the movies you want at any moment. However, you should be aware of the site’s advertisements, which are a major source of revenue for many free websites. It’s not essential to attempt additional alternatives after you’ve gotten into the idea of using this website without being distracted.

3) ClubMp4

Another popular website for individuals looking to download Bollywood movies for free is ClubMp4. The biggest disadvantage of this service is that all of the movies are posted by other ClubMp4 users, therefore you must check the availability of the movie you want to download every time you wish to do so. You may also use the search bar to manually look for the movie by its title. The fact that this website is still supported on the 2G network is its biggest advantage.

4) My Download Tube to download the latest Hindi movies for free

This free website appears to be fairly nice and clean at first glance, despite the sponsored material on each page. There will be no noticeable advertisements. Instead, you may search for movies by genre, such as Bollywood, Hollywood, Animation, and Arabic films.

The Bollywood film collection covers the decades from the 1990s through the year 2020. Most significantly, downloading Bollywood movies from this site works. You’ll need to create a Usenet.nl account to access the videos. However, the user account only allows for a 14-day free trial. If you’re prepared to register fresh accounts every half month, it’s a good option for one-time usage or long-term use.

5) KatMovie

Many movie lovers are attracted to KatMovie’s user interface. When you visit its homepage, you’ll quickly see that it has a large library of high-quality films from Bollywood and throughout the world. The time and rate tags provide people with a clear indication of whether they should look further or move on to other possibilities.

The majority of the movies on this site may be simply downloaded as a video document or a torrent file. However, because advertisements are unavoidable throughout the process of downloading free movies, you may need to click and try numerous times before the download is complete.

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CoolMovieZ is another amazing website, especially for mobile users. Many of us do not want to waste a lot of data and want to watch low-resolution movies on our mobile devices. I would say this Movie download website is best for them.

It provides low to medium-resolution free MP4 movies under 500MB only. There are also very less ads and a clear downloading interface sweetable for newbie users.

All these don’t mean that this website does not have the latest movies. I would say this last one is the best of all on this list. This platform always updates its movie list and also shows the latest movie list on its homepage. So, yes, go and enjoy CoolMovieZ today.

The next way to download Bollywood movies for free is from YouTube

Get the latest Bollywood movies on YouTube for free

Yes, you can also get the latest Bollywood movies on YouTube for free. It is probably one of the best go-to websites to stream and watch the latest Hindi movies for free.

Get the latest Bollywood movies on YouTube

To begin, open the YouTube downloader.

Install iTube Studio by following the on-screen instructions after downloading it. Then, on your PC, run the YouTube Hindi movie downloader.

Step 2: Save your favorite Hindi movies to your computer.

Play the movie you wish to download on YouTube. A “Download” button will appear on the upper left side of the screen when the Hindi movie begins to play. The file will begin downloading in the program wizard once you click that. It’s finished!

There are other options for downloading Hindi YouTube movies. The video URL may be copied from the address bar on the website. You may also drag the URL from the status bar to any location within the app. The video will be downloaded immediately by the iTube Studio.

Aside from the two techniques listed above, you may also record YouTube to download Hindi videos. To confirm the video screen you want, drag and move the frame of the recording window. You may also manually adjust the video recording screen in the “Capture Area”.

Telegram is another best option to download the latest Hindi movie for free.

Download Bollywood movies on Telegram for free

Download Bollywood movies on Telegram

Telegram is the go-to app for fans of movies and web series. You may join a variety of channels and groups to acquire the latest Bollywood movies and web series.

With that in mind, these are the finest telegram channels in India for watching or downloading free movies and web series.

“Bollywood Hindi Movies” Telegram channel

“Bollywood Hindi Movies” On this channel, you’ll get the best of Bollywood movies, both new and old. For Bollywood fans, this is the ideal location. The Telegram channel’s URL is provided below.

Get Amazon Prime Video

Get On Telegram, the Amazon Prime Video channel has approximately 3000 followers. Every day, the channel (now known as Netflix India) publishes several movies and web series. They feature a wide range of material, including regional Indian films, Bollywood, web series, and Hollywood films. They also upload vintage movies that are rarely available, in addition to the most recent releases. All you have to do is subscribe to the channel, download the file, and play it on your mobile device.

Movie Streaming APK

Movie streaming APKs are another good way to get your favorite Hindi movies on Demand. I am not talking about OTT Platforms but some Piracy Apps that aren’t available on the Play Store are the best source to watch and stream the latest Hindi movies online.

You can get these Movie Downloading apps from Facebook groups, Telegram channels, or WhatsApp groups and install them on your phone to watch the latest Hindi Movies online.

But always be cautious that these unverified apps can be harmful. They can steal your data and other important things from your phone. So, always reconfirm the app from your trusted colleague before installing them on your android mobile.


As a bonus, MoviesHUB is the latest working website for downloading the latest Hindi movies for free.

You may request your favorite movies here, which have approximately 20,000 users. There are no language barriers, which means you may watch Tamil movies, Bengali movies, Punjabi movies, and other regional films in any language you like. All you have to do now is join the group and request the video.

Final Words: With this guide, You will be able to download and watch any old or new Hindi Movies for free. If you do not find them on the websites, then there are other methods which you can try too. Do try these tricks on how to download Latest Hindi Movies for free and let us know about your experience.

Thanks for your visit.

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