How to Download Indian Train Simulator for PC

How to Download and Play Indian Train Simulator for PC? This question is being searched by many on Google these days. It seems the Indian Train simulator game is more interesting than the clean foreign train. Because of the color theme and busy locales, people love this Train Simulator game, and today we will tell you how to download Indian Train Simulator for PC.

It is not easy to download and play the Indian Train Simulator game on Windows PC because there are many fake versions available on the Internet. The game is becoming very famous and due to that, many fake versions of Indian train simulator games coming to the Internet.

If you also want to play this peaceful train simulating game then have some patience and follow this below guide that explains How to download Indian Train Simulator for Windows PC.

What is Indian Train Simulator Game?

If you love trains and you are a game then you surely know about such game but for those who don’t know, Indian Train Simulator for PC is like any other train simulator game where your job will be observing and controlling trains in a locality.

There are many locations in the game and all of them are vibrant and colorful in Indian style. From the 25 different camera views, players can select any angle to watch the train movement, and they can design or create rails. Couple or decouple train in the game.

Basically, it is a virtual training for how to drive a train on a Computer. Now that you are interested to Play Indian Train Simulator on Windows PC, follow this guide to download it now.

How to Download Indian Train Simulator for PC

Indian train Simulator for Windows PC game can be downloaded in 2 basic ways. Both the methods are easy and convenient. I will share both. You can go with whichever you like.

This first method is a little bit lengthy, you are gonna have to extract and ready the installation file for playing the Indian train simulator-

Method 1:

First of all Copy This Link and paste it into a new Tab.

Now go to that link and your file will be downloaded automatically.

Go to the file, right-click on it and click on Extract Here.

This will extract two files, one is the password(1122), and the other one is another Zip file that needs to be extracted.

Do the same and extract the 2nd Zip file. This time, it will ask for a password. Past the password provided and hit extract.

Click Yes to All.

(You can create a new folder and extract the zip file in it for a better experience).

Now you can see the setup file, double click to open the setup file.

In the setup windows, simply hit next and next again.

Select the Default installation path and finish the installation process.

Just like that, you will complete the installation and be able to play Indian Train Simulator on Windows PC for free.

You can download the setup file and install the game directly. In this process, we are doing it in the most convenient way.

Method 2: Install Indian Train Simulator

Paid? No, GamesLOL allows you to download and install Indian Train simulator directly from their play store. It is easy, free, and the most convenient way to install Indian Train simulator game on Windows PC for free.

Follow the below guide to learn how to install Indian Train simulator for free

First of all visit this website called GamesLOL

Method 2: Install Indian Train Simulator

I have put the link directly for the Indian Train simulator download.

Simply click on Download and it will start downloading the Setup file for GamesLOL Play Store.

click keep on chrome to start downloading Indian train simulator

After downloading the setup file, open it and check the box below and continue.

Playstore will download the source file and it will be installed automatically.

installing indian train game

After downloading Playstore, you do not have to do anything because the play store will autodetect your PC hardware and install the Indian Train simulator automatically. Just wait for the installation to be completed and you can play the game for free right after.

How to Play the Game?

To Play Indian Train Simulator on your PC, simply follow these steps-

  • Log in to your windows.
  • Go to Start Windows
  • Navigate search
  • Search for Indian Train Simulator and Hit Enter.
  • On the next Pop Up window, click on Run.
  • After opening the play store, click on Start Game.

Now begin your journey to play Indian Train Simulator on Windows PC for Free. Just like that, you will be able to download, install and play Indian Train Simulator for free.

How to Exit Indian Train Simulator game?

After done playing Indian Train Simulator game on your PC, you may get into trouble exiting the game. That is because the game doesn’t have a logout or exit button in the settings. To Exit the game, simply hit the Escape Button on your keyboard.

Now from the popup Click, Yes, and just like that you will exit from the game.

Just like that, you can download, install and play the Indian Train simulator on Windows for free. A direct download may not suit you the best, and that is why we have provided a genuine way to install Indian Train Simulator on PC from Gameslol.

Final Words: Many of you may have already played Train Simulation games before but this one has a different vibe to it. As the train moves through the Indian forests, villages,s, and cities, you will be able to notice culture, nature, and other environments during the journey of Indian Train Simulation gameplay.

So, this is how to download Indian Train Simulator for PC for free, learn and play easily today.

I hope you like this guide. Please follow for more.

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