Dell Inspiron 3542 wifi driver download and Installation Guide

Dell is a famous PC and Laptop brand supplying amazing computers for us. A few years ago, dell introduced Inspiron series laptop and today we are going to talk about its Wifi Driver download and installation guide. In this post, we will learn, how to download Dell Inspiron 3542 wifi driver and install it on your laptop. Also, Fix Dell Inspiron 3542 Wifi driver issues.

Dell Inspiron 3542 is a pretty famous laptop. It comes with Core i3, 4GB Ram, and 500 GB Memory. This laptop also has an integrated graphics card which is pretty much nothing. But this laptop is very cool for the ones who do some home works and browsing.

But the problem with this laptop is its Wifi Driver. Many of these laptops show some problems with the Wifi drivers. In order to fix Dell Inspiron 3542 Wifi driver, we need to download and install the wifi driver externally. So, how do we get the Dell Inspiron 3542 Wifi driver?

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Dell Inspiron 3542 Wifi Driver download and Installation guide

What is a driver? A driver is a program that allows communication with a device with the computer. Dell Inspiron 3542 already has inbuilt wireless inside. So, if you are unable to use its wifi then it must be the driver is outdated or cracked.

In that case, the first thing we need to do is download the driver for Dell Inspiron 3542 wifi driver from Dell’s Official Website.

Dell Inspiron 3542 Wifi Driver Download

To download Dell Inspiron 3542 wifi driver, follow the below steps-

Step 1: Visit the Official site of Dell Driver Downloads

Dell Inspiron 3542 Wifi Driver Download

Step 2: Select your driver for your laptop. (In my case I will go with the 1705 wifi driver option.

driver select for inspiron wifi download

Step 3: Click on download. If you see a Keep/Discard option on your download. click on keep as it is not a harmful file.

After downloading it on your PC, now this driver needs to be installed to run and start using wifi. As soon as it gets installed, your PC will automatically detect wifi and you will be able to use the wireless connection.

How to Install Dell Inspiron 3542 wifi driver

There are two ways to download and install this driver on your Dell laptop. Follow these steps to install wifi driver

you can also extract the file to get updated files of the drivers.

How to Install Dell Inspiron 3542 wifi driver

Step 1: Right-click and open the Network driver EXE file.

Step 2: Click on Install, accept terms, and click next.

Step 3: Choose a file location and click on Install to begin the installation process.

After a few minutes, the installation will be done and you will need to restart your PC for a secure start of your program.

After the restart, you should be able to use wifi right away on the laptop. To check if the driver is successfully installed on your laptop, you can check yourself.

How to check wifi driver

Step 1: Go to Start and search Device Manager and hit enter. Or go to Control Panel>Hardware and Sound> Device Manager.

How to check wifi driver

Step 2: Check for wireless connection or network adapters and click on the dropdown.

There you should be able to check your newly installed wifi driver and also check its version on its properties. To go to properties, just right-click on it and select properties.

Dell Inspiron 3542 wifi not working

Now let’s fix the Dell Inspiron 3542 Wifi issue. There are a few reasons which can be the cause of your wifi connection failure. We have noticed many of the Dell Inspiron user complaining about the Wifi not working on their laptop. So, here is something you can do-

Check if the WIFI is turned on in Windows 7? If not, you can turn it on by pressing the FN+F2 key. Some users also found it helpful by pressing FN+PtScr to turn on the wifi connection.

You would need to go to start settings, network, and internet to configure the wifi and other network settings. To turn the wifi on you would click the network settings on the taskbar and choose your network. Make sure that the Airplane mode is not selected.

Fresh Install your drivers

Still can’t access wifi? You may have a problem with the driver itself. Even it is installed properly, you need to uninstall the driver and do a fresh install.

To uninstall the driver, find the driver by going to Device Manager>Network>Wireless network adapter. Right clikc>Uninstall.

Now download the right wifi driver and install it as the mentioned guide adobe.

Which is the right wifi Driver for Dell Inspiron 3542?

Dell Inspiron 15 3542 uses a 1705 Wifi+Bluetooth Driver. You can download it from the link above. If it still doesn’t work, do not hesitate to try the 1704 Wifi driver too.

Tip to Fix Wifi Driver in Dell Inspiron

Always remember, your PC needs a reboot every time you install and uninstall the driver from it. So, every time you install a fresh driver or uninstall it, make sure you restart your laptop before using it.

I hope this article is going to help people who need it. Please share and support How2Guide, if you have found any value.

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