Long Range WiFi Router Buying Guide

Whenever you buy something from anywhere you must know what you should basically look for. That’s why there are many articles on Buying Guide on Long Range Wifi Router, Smartphones, and many other things. So no matter what you buy clothes, electronic gadgets, laptops, computers, TV, smartphones, or any other things, you must know what are you looking for.

This article is a Long Range WiFi Router guide. Here you will know, what are the things you should know when you are buying WiFi routers, for example, Mbps, speed, connectivity, budget, and many other things. So read this article to the end so that you will get knowledge about the Long Range of WiFi routers.

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Buying Guide: Long Range WiFi Router

Speed Long range wifi router guide

Buying Guide: Long Range WiFi Router

Long Range WiFi router you can get many in selling website, but giving same speed at a far distance is what we need. We all need Long Range WiFi router because we can use it at a distance and can get at least a better speed to work on it.

The device it can connect

We should also consider while buying that at least 15-20 device we can connect from this WiFi, otherwise it not worth. If you are spending so much on WiFi routers we need that at least it can get connected to many devices.

What do you need for?

If you have a joint family you will need a Long Range WiFi router so that everyone from every place can connect WiFi and can use it well. If you have a big home and your office is in another room so you need a WiFi connection till there so you need a Long Range WiFi router in India.


This is the main thing which you should decide from before. WIFi router comes from 2,000 to 50,000 Rs. So you have to decide what your budget is. By investing so much it should be worth it. Like in a joint family if you buy medium-budget WiFi like 5,000-6,000 it’s okay because it is worth 17-18 people can use it without any difficulty. So decide the budget and buy accordingly.


There is a different type for which you need Long Range WiFi router for like, gaming, office work, video calls =, meeting, and many more things. So you have to buy accordingly.

If you need for meeting and gaming you need the best WiFi speed router because here your gaming ping should be less and in meeting you should not get paused frequently. For office work, you can buy a normal WiFi router because that will work for you.

Things you should consider| Buying Long range wifi router guide

WiFi Security

WiFi Security

There are many ways where your WiFi can get hacked. See if it has to be hacked it will you can’t do anything about it. But taking precautions is what we can do. So your WiFi password should be encrypted using WPA-WPS so it will be difficult to get hacked.

MU-MIMO Technology

Its full form is Multiple Input and Multiple Output technology in router antennas. It helps to provide individual spatial streams to devices simultaneously. It mainly helps in maintaining high demand.

Router Antennas

Router Antennas

You can get antennas of different sizes and numbers. Starting from one to six you will have these different antennas. Some single antennas don’t have any external antennas. If you purchase a dual-band router you will get ranging from 3dBi to 5dBi. The more strength antennas have the stronger will be the signal.

Beamforming Equipped

This technology helps WiFi signals to focus in different directions. If you are sitting anywhere or diagonally to the router with a mobile, computer, or anything which is connected with WiFi instead of broadcasting the signal in all directions, the antenna beams the signal in the direction of the receiving device for a stable connection.


There are many things as well which you should consider while buying Long Range WiFi Routers. Like, Physical ports of the router (LAN, WAN, and USB). You should also consider QoS and network prioritization, apps for setup and control.

Different Type of Long range WiFi Router

There are different types of routers you can get on selling websites.

1. Single-Band WiFi Routers

It is basically for people who have a low budget and their homes are small. It has a range of up to 450 square feet. If you have two bedrooms with a basic plan whose speed is not more than 300 Mbps then this single band WiFi router is enough.

2. Dual-Band Long range WiFi router

This is best for apartment houses and has a good range. Here you get 2 bands 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz bands. It can connect 5-6 devices at the same time. Not good for joint families but best for regular families.

3. Tri-Band WiFi routers

This is a bit rare in the market and gives a good range. It can connect almost 15 devices at the same time with high-speed internet connections. It won’t increase speed but it will give long-range and distribute network widely.

4. WiFi Mesh Network System

4. WiFi Mesh Network System

This is one of the best Long Range Wifi Routers. It provides us a range of 3000 square feet. This is best for those who own their own bungalow. Because it can cover long range.

5. WiFi router with in-built modem

This wifi router has In-Built modems and is used in old broadband connections mostly BSNL or MTNL. This comes in minimal wires so it can be easy to maintain.

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Conclusion: Long range wifi router guide

In this article, I have tried to give Buying guide for a Long-Range of WiFi Routers. If you read it properly you will surely find it useful, because one day you will buy a WiFi router and you should know what you need in those routers before buying it.

So once you read it you will have a basic knowledge of what kind of router you may need in your home. Every single money must be worth so read it properly.

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